BRS Stryker fellowhip

  1. The Fellowship is open to all consultant members of the British Rhinological Society and is intended to enhance the professional development of consultants and their rhinological practice.

  2. Preference will be given to colleagues who can demonstrate the introduction of innovative techniques or significant service development in the field of rhinology to their department. Visits to experts/leaders will take preference to simply attending meetings.

  3. Each year one Stryker Fellowship of up to £2,000 will be made available which could be used to supplement other awards. Costs will be covered on production of original receipts for travel/accommodation/fees.

  4. The Fellowship will be used to pursue an academic activity anywhere in the world including the UK (subject to the receipt of confirmation from the department to be visited or evidence of the meetings to be attended).

  5. Applicants must submit by 15th April a comprehensive 250 word statement of the cost and purpose of their request and abridged CV which will be considered by the British Rhinological Society Fellowship Committee. Applications should be submitted to the BRS administrator at Ordinarily the application must be made in advance of the Fellowship being undertaken.

  6. On completion of the Fellowship a report must be submitted to the British Rhinological Society, within 3 months and prior to the next BRS annual meeting.

  7. The choice of candidate for the Fellowship is at the discretion of the British Rhinological Society Council following the recommendation of the Fellowship Committee.