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13th Annual BRS meeting
The Assembly Hall, Norwich

16 May 2014

A huge congratulations and thank-you go out to those involved with organising this year's meeting, in particular the host Carl Philpott. Administrative issues at ENTUK meant that a great deal of work had to go on behind the scenes to ensure the meeting reamined on track; it has to be said that on the day it appeared to go flawlessly. The venue was the Assembly House - a grand, 19th century house in the centre of Norwich. And very splendid it was too.

After the Presidential Address from Paul White, the registrar free papers provoked a great deal of discussion on topics from outcomes after septorhinoplasty to autonomic dysfunction in the nose. The eventual winner was Jason Powell from the Northern Deanery with his paper regarding the value of imaging in hyposmia. Under agreement with the editorial board of Clinical Otolaryngology, his paper will now automatically be published by the journal.

Professor Thomas Hummel then took to the floor with a light hearted but thorough walk through current management options for treating patients with hyposmia, enlightening us on the way about why women smell so much better than men - in the olfactory and pheremone sense. Prof Hummel was able to draw on his wealth of experience at the Smell & Taste Center in Dresden to give a very captivating talk. Chris Potter's annual quiz then threw up more gems on a rhinological front; it never fails to teach us some nuggets of rhinological trivia that we never knew and, in all likelihood will never need to know again.

After lunch, Dr Amin Javer from St Paul's Sinus Centre in Vancouver gave a very clear precis of medical options for recalcitrant CRS including IgE therapy and intrasinus photodynamic therapy, with some extremlely encouraging preliminary results. Anshul Sama from Nottingham then talked on frontal sinus mucocoeles and the stratification of surgery for these before Mr James Tymsome completed the expert talks with a proposal (and now a working model) for the 360-degree skull-base surgeon - a hybrid otorhinologist equipped to deal with lesions at all areas of the skull-base.

The consultant cases then closed the educational talks before the AGM was held. During the AGM, Sean Carrie from Newcastle was proposed and voted in as President-Elect of the BRS and will take up post next year. Proposals were also invited for the post of Honorary Treasurer which will become available after next year's meeting. There was also be a Society vote held to elect two more members to Council with immediate effect, as representatives for England.


Paul White
Adonye Banigo
The Assembly Rooms
Liam Masterson
Natasha Choudhury
Christopher Theokli
Jason Powell
Sally Erskine
Carl Philpott
Prof Thomas Hummel
Nav Kara
Simon Carr
steven Ball
Tim Bradshaw
Chris Potter
Dr Amin Javer
Dr Amin Javer
Prof Anshul Sama
Taste test 1
Taste test 2
Taste test 3
James Tysome
Robin Youngs
1 The Rhinology Quiz - Chris Potter
2 Karl Storz Guest Lecture "Where are we now with treating olfactory and gustatory disorders?" - Prof Thomas Hummel
3 Registrar Papers
4 Introduction and Welcome - Paul White
5 BRS Research Group Meeting - Carl Philpott
6 Personalised medicine for rhinosinusitis - the future of Rhinology? - Amin Javer
7 Frontal mucocoeles - a treatment algorithm - Anshul Sama
8 Building a 360 degree skull base service - James Tysome
9 Consultant case presentations
10 President's address - Paul White
11 AGM - Paul White